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End Fitting With BayonetEnd Fitting Channel
End Fitting (with Bayonet)
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Sale price£4.16
25mm Static Foot with Bayonet25mm Static Foot with Bayonet
Foot (including Bayonet)
Sale priceFrom £6.87
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Connector CapConnector Cap
Cap For Connector
Sale priceFrom £0.61
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Double Joiner 14mmDouble Joiner 14mm
Double Joiner
Sale priceFrom £2.71
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M5 Brass Threaded Fitting for ConnectorM5 Brass Threaded Fitting for Connector
Threaded Fitting for Connector
Sale priceFrom £3.52
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T3 Hinge
T3 Hinge
Sale price£5.43
Monitor Support Hooks
Monitor Support Hooks (Pair)
Sale price£101.87
Connector HalfConnector Half
Connector Half
Sale price£3.83
Silverlight Fabric 45° Insert ASilverlight Fabric 45° Insert B
Silverlight Fabric 45° edge
Sale price£1.76
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Fabric Infill CornerFabric Infill Cross
Channel Fabric Insert
Sale price£1.34
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Shell Kit ClampShell Kit Clamp
Shell Scheme Clamp
Sale price£19.11
Magnetic Tape 25mmMagnetic Tape 25mm
Magnetic Tape 25mm (30m roll)
Sale price£31.50
Channel Shelf SupportChannel Shelf Support
Channel Shelf Support
Sale priceFrom £3.74
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Connector DoubleConnector Double
Connector Double
Sale price£10.98
LED Arm LightLED Arm Light Fixture - TecnaCare
LED Arm Light Fixture
Sale price£100.00
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Velcro Tape 25mm HookVelcro Tape 25mm Loop
Velcro Tape 25mm (25m roll)
Sale price£45.49
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Steel Tape 25mmSteel Tape 25mm
Steel Tape 25mm (147m roll)
Sale price£509.36
Silverlight Fabric Infill CornerSilverlight Fabric Infill Edge
Silverlight Fabric 90° Insert
Sale priceFrom £1.62
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Rigidiser - TecnaCareRigidiser - TecnaCare
Sale priceFrom £11.52
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Spotlight Clamp
LED Arm Light Clamp
Sale price£11.16
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Demo CubeDemo Cube
Demo/Sample Cube
Sale price£125.00
Fabric PVC EdgingFabric PVC Edging

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