Clear Acrylic Wall

Size: 0.5m (W) x 2m (H)
Sale price£158.33


Freestanding single skin acrylic walls within T3 framework. Great for partitions and dividers in multiple environments. 

- Lightweight aluminium beams & plastic connectors

- Large clear acrylic panel

- Hard-wearing flat feet

- No tools required to build

For custom sizing or bulk discounts, call us on 01932 570770 or email for more.

Standard sizes available: 

0.5m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
500mm x 2000mm
0.75m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 750mm x 2000mm
1m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 1000mm x 2000mm
1.25 (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition  1250mm x 2000mm
1.5m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 1500mm x 2000mm
2m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 1967mm x 2000mm
3m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 2967mm x 2000mm
L Shaped 1m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 1000mm x 2000mm


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