Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit (non-invasive lower nostril)

Title: 1 Unit (£8.00 per unit)
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Stay safe with the unique non-invasive lower nostril rapid antigen lateral flow test kit, delivered in partnership with Hughes Healthcare and supported with the digital health platform. Costs start from £4.96 + VAT per test.

Reduce risk and find out if your team currently have COVID-19 in just 15 minutes, before arrival on site, and protect your business and employees utilising the most accurate test and tracking system on the market. 

The non-invasive method via the lower nostril encourages usage and gives better accuracy as it's far less uncomfortable than other rapid tests, as the swab is placed just inside the nostril. Here is a link to a video explaining how simple it is to administer: 


If you require bulk orders, contact one of our dedicated experts.


  • Fully Home Use Approved
  • 96.8% diagnostic sensitivity
  • 97.1% specificity
  • 100% accurate across the entire viral load range tested at the laboratory, proving its ability to identify symptomatic and asymptomatic cases.
  • Validation from Public Health England Porton Down against all known current variants.
  • Full Home Test Approval Granted in the UK & EU
  • Registered with MHRA and CE Marked.
  • Used and trusted by companies around the world including all UK airports and the NHS.

Individual Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Individually sealed test cassettes
  • 1 x Individually sealed swab (1-2cm into the lower nostril)
  • 1 x Pre-filled buffer tube
  • 1 x Instructions

The UK Government Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the DHSC/UK Government, has validated the test to have exemplary accuracy at multiple viral loads, including for asymptomatic patients, and across the new different variants.

Our swab only has to go 1-2cm into the nostril, all other nasopharyngeal tests should be performed by a doctor and need to go 9-10 cm deep into the nasal cavity.

All of our components, including our comfortable swab, our lysis vials, and the box with which the single tests come in, are extremely well made and are designed to be as easy as possible to use. Every aspect of the test is that of a blue-chip high-quality product.

The easy to use format of the test makes it extremely easy to test yourself and your family from the comfort of your own home.

CE Mark for Home Use – Fully Approved.

Our lateral flow test has a unique patented sensitivity enhancement system in our test cassette. Whilst all other cassettes use the colloidal gold method, which is significantly less sensitive for detecting the CoV-SARS-2 antigen. This is in part what allows our test to be so accurate across any specimens and sample collection method.

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