TouchSafe Door Pads


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      The anti-viral TouchSafe door pad with long term resistance to Coronavirus

      Successfully tested against Coronavirus.
      This revolutionary coating has been clinically tested to greatly increase the resistance of any surface to the spread of Coronavirus.

      Anti-microbial coating.
      The antimicrobial coating contains silver ions, which safely inhibits microbial growth. Slow-release of the silver active ions provides long-term antimicrobial protection.

      Long term anti-viral properties.
      The TouchSafe pad has long term anti-viral properties, and whilst this should not be considered a replacement for regular cleaning, it will greatly reduce the infection rate in problem areas such as public push door zones.

      • Optional branding available, POA
      • Customised with white-out logo
      • UK manufactured
      • Resistant to Coronavirus ISO 21702:2019
      • High volume production available
      • 200mm x 100mm standard size with standard design
      • Minimum order of 10

      For bulk discounts, call us on 01932 570770 or email for more.

      Please note, price shown is trade pricing. 


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This product does not have a 3D model

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